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Creating Your Own Website

Everything You Wanted to Know About Creating Your Own Website

If you’ve always wanted to create a website, but didn’t know how, this tutorial should help you with that. It’s actually very easy to create your own website, as long as you have a sound understanding of the basics involved. It’s our goal to get you up to speed with the essentials of creating your own website, and do so in a way you could easily understand.

This tutorial does not assume any special technical skills or knowledge on your part. If you know how to browse the internet, that’s good enough for us! So, let’s begin with our lessons on Everything You Wanted to Know About Creating Your Own Website.


Get A Domain Name First!

That’s the first step in designing your own website – get a domain name first. A domain name is simply the name given to your website. Some of the popular domain names are “huffingtonpost.com”, “microsoft.com”, “guardian.co.uk” , “nytimes.com” and so on.

Of course, these are among the top domain names in the world and are worth  millions of dollars, if you’d want to buy them. For your own website, you can get a domain name from a domain name registrar such GoDaddy.com by paying them a small annual fee. You should take giving a domain name for your website seriously. Just follow our tips on selecting a great domain name for your website.


#1. The Domain Name should be the same as the name of the website

While this would seem easy enough, there are actually a plenty of websites that have a domain name different from the website name. This is a bad strategy because when searching for a website, most people remember only the website name rather than the domain name, and are likely to use the website name to look for your site. When there is a mismatch between the domain name and website name, it would only cause a lot of confusion, and result in a loss of traffic.

So having a website name which is same as the domain name or the URL of the site, would help a great deal to clear the confusion and get more people to visit your site. For instance, when people looking for the latest political and entertainment news in the US wish to look for Huffington Post, there is no confusion because the domain name of the site, www.huffingtonpost.com is the same as the website name.


#2. When you can’t get the Domain Name of your choice

But what if you cannot get the domain name of your choice, which is the same as your website name? Certainly you wouldn’t want to give up a current brand name for which your business is known for just because somebody else already owns an identical domain name.

Perhaps you could try buying that domain name from the person owning it presently. To contact the domain owner, just look up the “whois” info for the domain.  You would be in luck if the current domain owner would be willing to sell the domain name to you, but be prepared to shell out a little money that you would ideally want to.

Here’s another thing you could do. Get yourself a great domain name, which is likely to get searched for and remain popular and name your business after it. This is actually quite an effective strategy. If you succeed in finding a great domain name, perhaps you may even sell it for a much higher fee to somebody else in the future.


# Always go for Brand Names, not Generic Names for the Domain

The domain name of Oracle Technologies is oracle.com, not something generic such as software.com. Similarly, IBM has the domain name ibm.com, not informationtechnology.com.  It’s always better to go for a domain name that matches your brand name.

When you use a brand name as your domain name, it acts as a terrific marketing tool for your business, and it would be what potential customers would remember when looking for your business on the internet.


# Should you go for a Short Domain Name or a Longer one?

The best way to determine this is to ask yourself if the domain name would have a high recall value. The maximum length of a domain name is 67 characters. You can choose anything under it, as long as the domain name isn’t too obscure.  Don’t choose abacd.com when what you really want is AustinBooksAndCDs.com, which is clearly much easier to remember. It is, of course, a lot easier to remember shorter domain names, but unfortunately, all the best short domain names, such as gm.com, sap.com and ge.com, are already taken, so you would only gain access to the more obscure ones at best. So, if you can’t get a terrific short domain name for your business, choose one that is easy to remember, and clearly explains what your website does or is meant for.




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