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Top 10 Ranking or Your Money Back, Guaranteed.

The difference between the first and second page of a Google search is HUGE. In fact, most of the time, people don’t even look at the second page of a Google search when when they are looking to buy. According to searchenginewatch.com, the first listing on the first page gets 33% of the traffic, and the second listing gets 18% of the traffic, and the percentages go down from there, as you can imagine, very little traffic even SEES the second PAGE. Less that 6% of traffic actually clicks to the second page on a google search, according to gravitateonline.com. So the bottom line is this: it ONLY pays to be on the first page.

But how does one get themselves onto the first page, competing with larger, more powerful businesses? It’s not easy, but it is absolutely do-able. We use a combination of industry experience, proprietary technologies, and plain old hard work to get YOU on the first page, where all the money is. Even if you just move from the second page to the first page in your search category, from 11th on google to 10th, that will more than double your traffic. (seriously, check out the statistics, you’ll be amazed.)


If you are looking to increase your traffic through Google searches in your niche, there is no better investment than quality, professional SEO services, and at WebGuyMedia.com, you get the very best available. We work closely with our clients to understand their niche, find the right keywords, and KEEP your website on the first page. And here’s the best part: We guarantee you rank in the top 10, or your MONEY BACK!


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